Reasons to Use I Beam in the Philippines

An I Beam is a structural beam that has two horizontal flanges. These flanges are connected by a vertical web, which is made from rolled steel. The structural steel is extremely strong and can support heavy loads. I Beams are preferred in the construction industry and are available in numerous sizes. These can be used both as beams and columns.

I beams are an integral part of the steel construction industry. The beams hold great load bearing support and engineers favor I beams due to its dependability and versatility. Beams may be formed into columns of different sizes, lengths and specifications. Civil engineers may specify sizes of I Beams according to their particular needs.

As the Philippines gears up for its “Build, Build, Build” program, steel requirements will naturally rise. The government has 104 projects in the program which amount to over Php 4.13 trillion in spending. With large requirements from the infrastructure build up, it is best to have a reliable supplier for steel requirements.

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